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We know ourselves better than anyone else but sometimes we forget. We prioritize others needs before our own, listen to the advice of experts and try to filter through the abundance of health information available and the many “right” ways of approaching life’s challenges to our wellbeing. Inner Power Initiative is here to bring you coaching that can help you better communicate with yourself and your needs to achieve health and wellbeing goals aligned with your unique self, creating balance in Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Health coaching is a partnership between an individual and a coach in which the individual focuses on specific health or wellbeing goals with the support of the coach. In Integrative Wellbeing Coaching, health can include but is not limited to our physical health such as diet and exercise. Integrative Wellbeing Coaching often views physical health as just one piece of a the pie, with many factors making the pie whole including our mental, social, environmental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

As a NBHWC eligible health coach, I am trained to assist individual clients in identifying motivators, creating realistic, achievable goals and connecting you to your inner power so that you can live a life true to your highest self. As a Health and Wellbeing Coach, I use a variety of interactive tools and exercises that may help you look at situations from new perspectives or challenge the way you approach a goal. I also bring warmth and empathy to each client session, creating a safe space to explore difficult topics or your wildest dreams.

I like to make it clear to new clients that as your coach it is never my job to tell you what I think is best for you. Instead, I will work alongside you to help you identify strategies that work for you, help you identify limiting beliefs and barriers standing in your way, and support you in creating action plans that you can be excited about. I can however offer knowledge and expertise towards a number of health and wellbeing topics at your request or with permission when I feel the information would be beneficial to you. We can also work in partnership with other care providers on your specific health and wellbeing goals. 

If this approach to connecting back to your inner power and achieving your unique health and wellbeing goals sounds like the right fit for you, check out my services below or follow me on Instagram @innerpoweriniative for more information.

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