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Caitlin is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Her journey to become a health coach began with her own search for wellbeing by finding ways to maintain physical activity, learning to eat intuitively to solve gut health problems and boost mental clarity, and by going through a deeper exploration of her self to redefine her spiritual health and ultimately strive for balance between mind, body, and spirit. Through these experiences, Caitlin has realized the benefits and joys of creating a healthy balance between mind, body, and spirit in order to thrive. She is intimately familiar with the challenges and barriers we can face in maintaining that balance. Caitlin knows that working to create balance and grow is an ongoing process, and has come to value the support a health coach can provide in helping others realize their own health goals. She knows that no two paths to holistic health are the same and has a desire to help future clients navigate their own path to wellbeing. 

Caitlin completed her Masters of Arts Degree in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching through the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing in December 2020. She brings several years of experience in teaching healthy eating, hands on healthy cooking classes and physical activity to diverse communities of all ages. Caitlin is also certified as a LifeStyle Coach in the Diabetes Prevention Program. Earlier this year, Caitlin completed her RYT200 hour yoga instructor training to find more balance in her own life and gain a better understanding of the mind-body relationship, and she loves to teach. Caitlin is also a certified Reiki Level II practitioner. For years Caitlin has enjoyed helping others find healthy diet and exercise plans that work, and is finding a new love for helping others explore their sense of meaning and purpose in life.

In her free time Caitlin loves to be outdoors hiking or snowshoeing on the North Shore of Minnesota or out west in the Rockies. She has a passion for sustainability, growing her own food and digging in the dirt in her veggie garden. In the summer she enjoys hanging out on the lake with family and friends. At home she can be found helping her husband build fun projects like chicken coops, saunas and treehouses - or snuggling up with a good book, her dog and cat on rainy, cold days.

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